Enlarged thyroid gland

Women and people, who work with mercury, benzol, and different nitrates, usually have simple nontoxic goiter. Considerably enlarged thyroid gland is one of the main symptoms of a very serious disease.

Enlarged thyroid gland – the causes of its appearance

There exists inherited predisposition to the increase development. Heredity can be family and occur during several generations; usually they are women of childbearing age. More often elderly persons who don’t watch over their nutrition have enlarged thyroid gland.

For thyroid gland hormones formation one very important component – tyrosine is necessary. And when there is its deficiency in food, the production of hormones T3 and T4 slows down. Under the influence of pesticides, the salts of lead, mercury, hydrosulphuric compounds, gland thyroid hormones formation is repressed, and this can also lead to the development of this disease. The action of all unfavorable factors especially intensifies in the juvenile age, when the organism grows up, changes and needs a large quantity of thyroid gland hormones. The same processes occur at pregnancy and in the climacteric period. Long stress situations and chronic diseases raise the need for thyroid gland hormones.

Enlarged thyroid gland can appear while long-term taking of some medicines. A lot of fats also influence negatively on the thyroid gland function.

Under the influence of all these unfavorable factors, any of the thyroid gland hormones formation periods can be destroyed:

  • iodine absorption by thyroid gland tissue
  • tyrosine biosynthesis
  • synthesis of T3 and T4
  • normal proportion of T3 and T4 is shifted
  • hormones transportation to their action place

Enlarged thyroid gland – diagnostics

For a long time enlarged thyroid gland can proceed imperceptibly for a sick person, especially at the early stages. Only at examination and palpation can be discovered the increase of thyroid gland size or structure irregularity – palpable abnormalities.

Further, there appear unpleasant sensations in the thyroid gland region, lump in the throat sensation, difficulties when swallowing, the feeling of pressure in the throat at bending and turns of a head. Sometimes when thyroid gland is rather big, in the position “lying on the back” it can be difficult to breathe. Thyroid gland function is usually preserved.

A sick person feels chill and sluggishness. Weight can rise. The sick have a dry skin. Body temperature can be a little lower. Heart rate slows down. Female menstrual cycle can be broken. What to do? Of course – to cure.

Enlarged thyroid gland - treatment

During enlarged thyroid gland treatment, diet is of great importance. Nutrition must be full. It is necessary to take sufficient amount of protein. From foodstuffs it is necessary to exclude radish, garden radish, beans, cauliflower, and peanuts.

Medicamental treatment is carried out by synthetic thyroid gland hormones. A medicine dose is chosen individually under the control of patient’s condition and thyroid gland hormones amount in blood. If a patient has constant weight, pulse and arterial pressure normalize, thyroid gland size diminishes, and there is normal amount of the hormones in blood – the dose is considered sufficient.

If enlarged thyroid gland progresses, that is goiter quickly increases in size, then surgical service is used. The prognosis for this disease is favorable. If the treatment is started in time, there will be recovery.

Enlarged thyroid gland – prevention

For the purpose of thyroid gland diseases prevention, it is necessary to exclude environment factors which negatively affect (nitrates, benzene, benzol, thiocyanates, pesticides). It is necessary to take carefully medicines which promote enlarged thyroid gland.

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enlarged thyroid gland

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